Hadname Link is a free tool for you to link all websites about you. You can share your website, which we create for you, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


What's more, we provide "Whisper" system to you. You can switch on it and have your friends or fans interact with you. They can send messages to you anonymously.


Setting page

You can set up everything here, for example, choose profile photos, edit your bios, manage buttons, choose a timezone, and so on.

Qucik Start

Step 1,
Sign Up & Sign In

It is very simple for you to sign up. It only needs your ID, name, password and verify by E-mail or Facebook.

Step 2,
Add Buttons

After signing in, you can change your profile photo and add new button.

We give you 4 pages for managing. Click 4 buttons below to know their functions.

Step 3,

Click "Copy link" and share the link address to your friends or paste it on Instagram.